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tire pressure gauge

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See What the Pro's Have to Say About ValveLock:

"Finally something new for checking tire pressure that actually works.  ValveLock is accurate, extremely well made, easy to read, inexpensive, and it works great. Everyone should own one."

Pat Goss
MotorWeek Television

"Just received it today and it worked great! It was nice to get an accurate reading on both vehicles and my bike. I am a recently retired motorcycle Police Officer and extremely anal about tire pressure."

Officer Philip M. (ret)
New York

"This is the best Tire Pressure Gauge I have ever used."

Robert Fulco
Robert Fulco Racing Engines

"The easiest 35 psi ever! ValveLock’s tire pressure gauge is very accurate and very easy to use. Mandatory accessory for every glove box! Thanks again, I love it."

D. Baldwin
Provo, UT

"It is refreshing to see a USA made product that does what it says it will do. I use my gauge once a week and it's right on the money."

  Kevin B.
Centerville, VA


ValveLock® eliminates the trial and error process of checking tire pressure.

What is the ValveLock Tire Pressure Gauge?

The ValveLock Tire Pressure Gauge is a device that temporarily seals to the valvestem of your tire while you check the pressure in your tire.

Why is the ValveLock Tire Pressure Gauge Better?

This ingenious device eliminates the trial and error hassle of checking tire pressure by creating a leak free seal with the valvestem.

How does the ValveLock Tire Pressure Gauge Work?

The ValveLock tire pressure gauge has a gripping mechanism that pulls the gauge onto the valve stem. The purge button allows you to release excess pressure without removing the gauge. View the commercial to see it in action!

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